Etro Pre-Fall 2015

image via WWD

I just love everything about this look, from the bright colors to the mix of patterns, and of course the big, bulky jewelry. Etro is one of my favorite lines for all of these reasons, and here are they are doing what they do best.

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I think I’ve mentioned before, but Pre-Fall is one of my favorite collections because the clothes tend to be very practical (dreaded unfashionable word!). The general logic is that these pieces, like Resort, arrive at stores in time to be seasonal, and stay on the sales floor longer than Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter, so retailers need them to be salable. Pre-Fall doesn’t get the same pomp and circumstance of its renowned-week siblings, but it is much more likely to go home with you at the end of the summer.

This is all to justify, yet again, a look at a few of my favorite Pre-Fall collections, and to start thinking about what we’ll all be wearing next fall (if anyone even waits that long). I certainly wouldn’t wait a second longer than absolutely necessary to start wearing these beautiful looks from Alexander Lewis’s presentation. Off the top of my head I see some early, Post-War Dior influences here, done in a very modern palette with what appear to be some very luscious fabrics–the suits in Looks 1 and 25, and the skirt in Look 8. The monochromatic ensemble in Look 13 is something I’d happily wear to work any of day the week, and Look 19’s pink dress is my cocktail ideal. Put simply, these are chic, beautiful clothes. Don’t you hate to wait to wear them?

All images via British Vogue

Dear Sir or Madam:

I owe you an apology–actually my mom and I owe you an apology. You see, for years now we’ve been religiously shopping the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event twice a year, and every time we’ve opened our gifts we’ve complained about the little packets of “le coton” found inside. What kind of a gift is this?, we’ve whined. Compared with all the ointments and unguents, the bright colors and beautifiers, we just never got excited or even bothered with the simple cotton pad. To be honest, we weren’t using cotton pads for anything anyway, so into the giant sample bin they went, to be neglected and forgotten.

Until this week, that is, when I was racing to make a flight and needed to clean my face–FAST. Out of the sample bin came a travel-size toner and a little packet of le coton. I tore it open, pulled one out, and time stood still. In my hand I held the softest, fluffiest, most luxuriously plush cotton pad in human history. What a treat for my face!

I called my mother over to touch one right away. And I told her–”we were wrong.” We genuinely stood there oohing and ahhing. Because here’s the thing: no matter what you put on your face, using one of these makes the whole process so much better. There’s no tugging, no scrubbing, and you really can’t rush it, because it just feels SO DARN GOOD.
And then you start thinking…My face deserves this.

And it does.

Our most sincere apologies, and of course, our thanks.

Laura (& on behalf of Rita)

cos store sale

Knitted Merino jumpsuit | Knitted collar top | Contrast heel sandals

Boxing Day sales are already going on, but the only one I’ve taken the time to look at so far is at COS, H&M’s seriously stylish sibling, because I have been impatiently waiting to try some of their clothes. This is only a sliver of the great things currently on sale, but whether your look is more minimalist (à la that chic merino jumpsuit) or max (hello, all the colors in this bright dress), don’t be surprised if you find a few too many things to love. I know I have…

cos store sale

Knitted jacquard dress | Stone bead necklace | Contrast leather belt | Textured leather clutch

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This almost exactly what I wore for an evening event at the Museum earlier this week, and since so many of the items involved are on sale right now, I thought I might as well post it. The only differences between these pieces and my reality are the boots (mine are Rag & Bone from last year), and the jewelry (I picked gold here to match the boot). The overall look I wholeheartedly vouch for.

Uniqlo silk blouse on sale! | J.Crew skirt on sale!| Commando tights | Tory Burch boots on sale! | BaubleBar ear jackets | J.Crew gold-tone bracelet | J.Crew crystal bracelet

**Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links. If you click one, I may end up with some pocket change; if you don’t, no worries! I’m still glad you’re here.**

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