This outfit is more or less the exact inspiration for what I’m wearing on this un-Texas-like cold day (sadly minus the amazing “hair”): cashmere midi skirt, white popover (I’m wearing this one from J.Crew, currently on sale!) tights and chelsea boots. The A Détacher show had a lot of things I love: heavy knits, furry boots, lacy socks–basically luxe granny dressing with some amazing photo prints and drab ’70s avocado and orange thrown in–and it looks really, really good. If you’re out for comfort plus class with a heft dose of quirky, this is the collection to look at.

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Interviewed in the excellent Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julativts, and Leanne Shapton. Pick up your copy here.

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I bought this set of lip balms for $10 at Costco and littered them all around the house, in all of the places that I always want (and never have) lip balm: bedside, bathroom counter, dressing table, etc. I also like to throw one in my bag because the round shape is easy to find when I’m digging around blindly. The fact that they are super-moisturizing counts for a lot as well.

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buying…The new Ines de la Fressange X Uniqlo collection launches this month and it looks amazing | brainstorming…A bedroom revamp, since we need a new bed anyway | bingeing…I finally worked up the emotional energy to watch Season 4phew!

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Veronique Branquinho Pre-Fall 2015 is, put simply, Cool with a capital “C.” It has just enough of that edgy, art-girl cool that I aspire to, plus colors. (And I love colors. All of them.) Kind of a Mondrian-meets-Pleats-Please with a dash of Victoriana, if that makes any sense? Whatever you call it, it looks very, very good. And of course, I want to wear all of it.

All images via Style.com

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