Neiman-Marcus 1963

It’s the time of year in Texas when days are just-warm-enough, but still muggy, which makes it generally difficult to get dressed in the morning. Cotton shirt dresses are stock-in-trade for me for work dressing, because they’re light enough but still professional, and they (and therefore I) breathe. They don’t make it anymore, but something like this Neiman Marcus cotton duck dress would be right up my alley these days.

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“Panoply: (noun) a complete or impressive collection of things; a splendid display”
I think these are all rather splendid, don’t you?

chanel panoply vogue paris

armani panoply vogue paris

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I’ve only just started looking, but I’m already convinced that these espadrilles from Alexander Wang are THE perfect summer shoe. Tall, neutral, wedge, espadrille: they’ll go with everything from sundresses to swingy skirts, and the distinctive heel cutout keeps them always, effortlessly, cool. And let’s be honest, if you wear them everyday, by September they’ll have paid for themselves (right?)…

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My taupe Campos tote is one of my favorite bags in my current rotation because it is so simple (drop everything in and go) and it is so incredibly soft (I want to curl up inside it and go to sleep). It’s become my go-to for taking my laptop to work without being too weighed down, but it’s just as good at the farmer’s market at the weekend. Seriously, if you haven’t already looked into these bags, I cannot say enough good things about them. I think my next one is going to have a bright pink stripe (and perhaps a coordinating card case!)…

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watching…a fascinating documentary about Dr. Albert Barnes’ incredible art collection (it’s on Netflix) | wearing…Rag & Bone boots feature prominently in my closet, and the Margot is my current go-to | eating…I bought this cookbook a couple weeks ago, and am using it to reboot my diet. How’s your week starting off?

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