So, what with the return of Mad Men in two weeks and the fact that I’ve a number of upcoming beauty-and-grooming posts planned, I thought we’d kick things off with this incredible Estée Lauder ad from 1963.  I know I’ve said this before, but this look is just so Audrey Hepburn to me–ok, maybe not the hair style, but the eyes?  And the jeweled brooch in her hair?  Very Holly Golightly.  And I love the idea of “taking a dip into instant, lasting radiance,” as though you take your own perfect lighting everywhere with you and you always look luminous.  I think it’s the perfect note for the start of the week: Go Forth and Glow, my lovelies!

*Sorry for the doodles of the magazine’s previous owner–they’re only on this page and the front cover, which I guess says something about the person who originally bought this New Yorker, and which parts they particularly valued (I’m guessing not images).

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  1. You have such a flair for historical glamour. This is a great find!

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