buying…The new Ines de la Fressange X Uniqlo collection launches this month and it looks amazing | brainstorming…A bedroom revamp, since we need a new bed anyway | bingeing…I finally worked up the emotional energy to watch Season 4phew!

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Veronique Branquinho Pre-Fall 2015 is, put simply, Cool with a capital “C.” It has just enough of that edgy, art-girl cool that I aspire to, plus colors. (And I love colors. All of them.) Kind of a Mondrian-meets-Pleats-Please with a dash of Victoriana, if that makes any sense? Whatever you call it, it looks very, very good. And of course, I want to wear all of it.

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uniqlo dot flannel dress

Do yourself a favor and order one (or both, no judgement) of these ridiculously comfortable and seriously adorable flannel dresses from Uniqlo. I’m wearing the navy one as I type, and it’s been like wearing my favorite nightgown, all day long. You know you want that (plus it’s on sale).

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knitting…a belated holiday gift for a friend, Wool and the Gang’s Lil’ Snood Dogg is well worth waiting for | polishing…Chanel’s Spring 2015 makeup collection–Réverie Parisienne–is gorgeous, and Tenderly is my polish of choice for lingering winter weather | reading…the final installment of Ken Follett’s outstanding Century Trilogy

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resolve, n.
1. The fact of having resolved upon a course of action, stance, etc.; a firm intention.
2. Firmness or steadfastness of purpose; determination; an instance of this.

I tend to think that New Year’s Resolutions, as a rule, should be (a) simple, and (b) begin well after the first of the year; this makes them far easier to keep. I may aspire to bit more in the coming year (read more, eat better, etc.) but my shortlist at the moment is as follows:


Tom Ford Lips & Boys at Nordstrom | 1 liter bkr bottle at Neiman Marcus

Seems manageable, right?

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